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Are you facing a serious tax problem that is leaving you feeling overwhelmed and helpless?

When you fail to file your returns, are facing levies, have been notified of an audit, or you have the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service breathing down your back, realize that you have rights.


Discuss with our attorneys what your legal options are in order to find a realistic solution to all of your tax issues.


 •  Tax disputes

 •  Tax liens and levies

 •  Tax offenses


Regardless of how sizable your tax dilemma may be, obtain the best possible result for your specific conditions. Don't face tax problems and the IRS on your own. Call a law office that has over 60 years of experience.

The backbone of your business is a quality contract between all related partners. Have all your rights, obligations, and remedies written out to avoid any discrepancies down the road. Gain peace of mind about your finances and call us today.

Let us help you draw up your business contracts

Let us help you get through any of your tax disputes so you can start fresh.


Never waste your time dealing with a commercial litigation process.

You will have a realistic and flexible contract when you allow our attorneys to use their thorough knowledge of business law principles.


Never feel trapped in a tax situation

If you have found yourself in deep with a tax problem, let our attorneys get you relief.

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